Tenerife offers great value winter holiday’s with a reliable climate it makes the ideal destination for a break from the cold!

For many years now , Tenerife has been one of the most popular winter sun destinations for those who seek a little winter warmth. During the colder months of a European winter Tenerife typically enjoys an average of  6 hours of sunshine daily and a very pleasant temperature of 21 °C.

wunter breaks to tenerifeGiven Tenerife’s location it is almost certain that you will enjoy a warm, dry holiday and can usually expect at least 21 dry days even during the winter months in Tenerife.

tenerife weatherWith the  northern area of Tenerife being somewhat cooler, but still with temperatures warmer than most of Europe during the winter months, the island offers an ideal climate for so many winter sun holiday makers.

Their are a variety of activities for tourists to enjoy on Tenerife, that is is you ever get board with soaking up the sun and the pools and beaches!

Tourists to Tenerife holidays can enjoy a variety of activities; the beautifully diverse landscape fascinates all who see it, and the climate is temperate throughout the year. In addition, various seasonal activities are available on Tenerife so that no matter when you visit, you can always try something new and different. With a large variety of sports and leisure activities available it is easy to see why Tenerife is such a popular destination all year round.

Winter Sun Destinations Tenerife

The southern half of Tenerife is known for its moon like landscape and unique beaches of volcanic sand that make it so different to the majority of holiday destinations. The north is somewhat more fertile with banana plantations and a host of other interesting forna and flora along with a more rugged coastline to explore.

The main holiday resorts on Tenerife are listed below but there are a host of smaller more intimate resorts for those looking to get away from the crowds.

A must do for any holiday maker to Tenerife is a visit up to the top of Mount Teide which is some 3718 meters and the highest point in Spain. The trip to the summit is quite spectacular as you ascend through mountain villages and serene pine forests and sometimes even through a layer of cloud, it is really quite breathtaking. Once at the top you can grab a bit to eat and enjoy the peace and quiet of the volcanic National park or take the cable car up to the usually snow covered peak.

There are excursions to Mount Teide available from most resorts, I would however recommend hiring a car and driving yourself. It is an easy drive and the roads are modern and safe and under your own steam you can stop and enjoy the wondrous scenery for as long as you want!

There are plenty of other attractions and major towns to visit and or shop and the local transportation system is designed with the tourists in mind. Car hire is available from the airport or most major resorts or alternatively taxis are available for shorter journeys pretty much round the clock.

Tenerife is a great destination for food too with a wide variety of cuisine on offer including local Canarian dishes that will get your taste buds tingling along with being a duty free island making drink and shopping a bargain too!

With accommodation to suite very budget from affordable self catering apartments to luxury 5 star resorts and with direct flights available from most UK airports and many European cities Tenerife really has everything you could wish and its all only 4 hours away.

Hopefully I have wet your appetite for a winter break in Tenerife, please feel to contact me to discuss the best holiday options for you in Tenerife and for a no obligation quote.

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