Well why do so many middle-aged Western men, known locally as Farang move to live, work and retire in Thailand?

A question often asked and often incorrectly answered usually by those that are neither middle-aged and no nothing about Thailand. So what’s the problem with these people? Why is there so much, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, every time a male announces he’s flying to holiday or live in Thailand… ‘The Land of Smiles‘?

It’s all about the Leg over – STUPID!
Okay, many of you will probably be shouting at the screen something like “It’s the sex of course stupid!”. But is it, is it really? Isn’t it a bit unfair to tarnish every male visitor or resident as a sex tourist of ill repute, or screwed-up old men that weren’t able to make things work back in their own country? Well of course it’s not!

No it’s the beautiful Country and its wonderful People – STUPID!
Visit ThailandNot all men, middle-aged or otherwise, go to Thailand on their own and spend their evenings and nights walking dark alleys searching out the meat racks of Pattaya, Bangkok or Phuket.

A very large percentage of foreigners staying in Thailand are made up of couples and families that work. Visit and retire there. These people wouldn’t recognise a sex den or house of ill repute if it slapped them in around face!

There is so much more to this beautiful cultured country than the sex and debauchery, which by the way, is only a small fraction of the overall diversity that this ancient land has to offer.

Let’s take a long look at amazing Thailand from another angle and reveal what it truly has to offer.

The Thai Climate
Thailand is a country located at the middle of the Indochina peninsula, South East Asia, and as a result has plenty of warm weather, sunshine, tropical sandy beaches in the south of the country, and lush green mountainous jungles in the North. Furthermore, the people are always welcoming and really friendly with a friendly attitude, which all adds hugely to the magical lure of this faraway paradise.

What about the Thai Food?
Thai cuisine is amougst the finest in the world, and loved by both Thais and tourists alike. It has developed over time by merging and adapting a number or regional styles. Most Thai meals are lightly prepared with strong aromatic components and chilli. Typical Thai dishes incorporate the four major taste of sweet, sour, salty, and bitter.

Although it can sometimes be a bit spicy and hot, there are few people who don’t enjoy the taste, flavours and sensations of Thai food. Meals, whether buying-in or eating-out, are still incredibly cheap and inexpensive. All major towns and cities will have lots of international restaurants to choose from, which cater to the pallets of most nationalities. The Thais truly love their food and as a consequence Thailand really is a food lovers paradise. Perfect!

Thai Culture
Holidays to ThailandAbout 85 per cent of Thai people are Buddhists. Buddhism is perhaps better described as a philosophy rather than a religion. There is no specific god to worship, just precepts, when followed the thoughts help maintain spiritual balance, well being and direction.

Buddhism is peaceful, you will never hear of Buddhists blowing people up indiscriminately or martyrdom in the name of their faith. Buddhism is not like that at all.

Some other major faith groups could learn a thing or two from Buddha’s teachings. The focus is always on how to live a peaceful and harmonious life on Earth with all its peoples, irrespective of who they are, what they believe or where they come from.

In the areas lived in and frequented by foreigners, most of the natives speak a little English, so there’s no real language problems. In fact, cultural differences are more likely to cause difficulties than language.

For those who wish to learn Thai there are countless language schools and private tutors dotted all over the country.

The Cost of Living in Thailand
Although the cost of living has defiantly gone up over recent years, it is still be an incredibly cheap place for foreigners to reside (especially outside the main tourist areas). This is just one more of the many reasons why so many western men of middle age take early retirement and move to Thailand to live.

Thailand Accommodation
There is a great variety of accommodation available from 5 star deluxe resorts to basic rooms in people homes and especially if you are travelling on a budget you will have plenty of options. World of Transport Travel have access to many and can offer excellently priced deals including flights and accommodation all pre booked.

If you are considering the longer term apartments can be rented in central Bangkok for as little as 7,000 Baht per month for a studio, with rents sometimes even lower than on the outskirts of the city. The spacious one bedroom Bangkok condominiums will probably start at around 15,000 Baht per month., reaching up to 22-35,000 Baht /Mo. for the high rise units.

Thai Holidays

Getting Around
Bangkok has probably the cheapest taxi’s in the world, with fares starting at around just 35 Baht ($1.14). Other towns and cities around the country are likely to use tuk tuks (a share open backed taxi adapted from a pick-up truck), rather than the taxi driven on a meter.

Bangkok has the Sky-Train which is cheap and can transport you from the airport to the centre of the city.

Other Modes of Transport
Another great way to get around the capital is by using boat taxis. The taxis and long tail-boats run up and down the waterways from dawn to dusk.

Those who want to dice with death can try on one of the thousands of old buses zipping dangerously in and out of the Thai traffic and there is always the motorbike taxis, usually operated by young men who tout for business on most street corners smoking cigarettes

In Summary
Thousands of middle aged guys go to Thailand for retirement, work, long stay holiday, either on their own or with family and friends. The local culture, friendly atmosphere, natural scenic beauty, easy going way of life, warm weather, delicious spicy food, cheap accommodation, and great geographical location in the heart of South East Asia, make it a very attractive and sought after destination.

Yes, there will be a lot of single men that end up marrying younger Thai women but so what if they do? If both the Thai girl and her older male partner are happy with their arrangement, then there is absolutely nothing wrong, bad, illegal, or sick about any of it. They just have to take precautions and make sure they always have enough money to get home.

It’s the same for the gay community. North and North Eastern cities are becoming increasingly popular with western gay men settling down with their Thai boyfriends, and good luck to them, that’s what I say.

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