When we think of Bermuda, the first thing that comes to mind is glorious, sunny, beaches and crystal clear water. Oh and pink sand. Yes, pink; created by coral, shells and a tiny organism that create this stunning pink, unforgettable “sand”.

Add to this the most striking turquoise blue sea, incredibly clear skies, a flight of under seven hours from London and you’re looking at all the right ingredients for a great beach holiday.

Bermuda, however, has so much more to offer and, while we highly recommend you plan on plenty of beach-time, we’d like to suggest you explore more of these tiny islands than you can see from the shore.  There are many cultural influences and the mix created makes Bermuda an exciting experience with wonderful food, art, music and places of interest to explore.

Bermuda has developed and preserved its nature reserves; notably Cooper’s Island and Somerset Long-Bay, where you can explore tranquil groves and wildlife, before lunch on the beach nearby.  There are lots of Eco-tourism options available to travellers who want to connect with nature.

Bermuda is a British territory and its citizens are British subjects; their history is celebrated in many excellent museums, including  the World Heritage Centre and the Royal Naval Dockyard, both well worth a visit.  There are many smaller places of interest including some beautiful churches, cathedrals and forts.

Eating out and shopping are both a physical-activity and non-spectator sport in Bermuda; they’re hugely sociable, love to include everyone and if you plan on a quiet meal for two, you’ll want to ask to be seated in a corner to maximise your chances.  If you enjoy a party-atmosphere where you’ll be counted as family, you’ll love Bermuda.

Why visit bermuda

Our Top Five places to visit in Bermuda:

  1. The Bermuda Botanical Gardens consists of 36 acres of parkland to explore and enjoy, around the residence of Bermuda’s Premier. With many spots to enjoy a picnic and a wonderful arts centre, it’s a must-see that you’ll remember for ever.
  2. The crystal caves in Hamilton Parish are simply breath-taking; it is no surprise they’re voted as Bermuda’s number-one attraction year after year. Well worth a visit and you’ll even find the kids love them.
  3. Go wreck diving on some of the most amazing dive-sites in the world. From ancient ships to aircraft, the experience of wreck diving in such clear waters is described by many as “the dive of my life.”
  4. The Royal Naval Dockyard, once designed to defend Bermuda, now an eclectic mix of restaurants, local crafts and historically significant artefacts, is a must visit. We recommend a day trip, and flat shoes!
  5. The pink beaches of the Southern shore. You won’t feel like your holiday in Bermuda is complete without a day on these exquisite beaches.


Have you been lucky enough to spend time in beautiful Bermuda? We’d love to hear what you most enjoyed.



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