Essential information on vacation and holiday scams keeping you safe and also your property whilst you are away!

Travellers beware of vacation and holiday scams in hotels and online, also some useful hints for keeping your home secure while you are away from our ex Scotland Yard Detective.

Holiday Scams

• In your hotel watch out for a telephone call claiming they are from the hotel’s front desk telling you there is a problem with your credit card and asking you to read out and confirm
the credit card number over the phone could really be from a scammer.

If the hotel really has an issue with your card the staff should call and ask you to attend the front desk or reception in person.

• Pizza delivery flyer slipped under your hotel door could be from a scammer trying to get
your credit-card number. When you call the number on the flyer to order a Pizza no pizza
ever arrives but the scammer has your credit card number from when you paid.

For safety get restaurant food delivery recommendations from the hotel front desk. Most hotels leave lists of local restaurants in your room.

• When searching for your hotel’s Wi-Fi network. You could find one with the hotel’s name in reality is a scammer trying to access your computer and information.

Always check with the hotel to ensure you are using the proper authorized Wi-Fi network before you connect.

Some more online safety tips;

• Never stay permanently signed in to accounts. When you’re finished what you are doing always, log out.
• Never use the same password on different websites.
• Consider altering the settings on your mobile device so that it doesn’t automatically connect to the nearest Wi-Fi.

Dont forget your Home Security whilst your away!

• Ask a friend to collect your post and store it out of site or arrange for the post office to
hold on to your mail for the duration of your journey.

• Remember piles of newspapers can alert thieves arrange for them to be put aside by a neighbour or cancel them.

• Never tell taxi drivers who are taking you to the airport how long you will be away or where you are holidaying.

• Use timer light switches to give the impression your property is occupied.

• Never post on Facebook that you are going away and that your home is vacant.

• Always secure you garage and shed, thieves can use the tools to break into your home.

Using a licensed and insured Travel Agent can help safeguard you from many scams our expert advise is FREE and we can also help save you money on your holiday with our vast range of contacts and experience!

These are just a few tips which we hope will help you make the most of your holiday and avoid any nasty unpleasantness when you return.. 

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