Here when you need us

In need of help while on your trip? Simply give us a call. We are here whenever you need us before, during and after your trip.

Tips and Advice

Unsure where to stay, or where to go while on your trip? We can share tips, advice and even help you with local etiquette.


Our experience benefits your business with local knowledge, local connections, and purchasing credibility.

Money Saving

With our help, you will in fact save money for your journey, as we know the best places to stay, the right times to fly and even the right people to contact.

No management fees for corporate travel

No Fees

We do not charge management fees for our corporate travel clients, on any of our corporate services.



WOT Travel are here to take the stress out of your business trips.


It’s all in the detail

From visa applications, to travel between meetings; car hire to passport renewal, WOT Travel is here to take care of all the details, whatever nationality.

Paul always gives his clients fantastic customer service. He is very professional and a nice bloke too!

Tony Isleworth Orrell

Your Time is Precious

As a business traveller, your time is invaluable. If you need to visit a client, build relationships with a distributor or meet with other members of your team overseas, we ensure the whole trip is planned to your requirements.

We are here when you need us, ensuring all travel between locations is timed to your needs, booking is swift and check-in is sorted.

We can also ensure your trip has all the added needs for your clients, making you look even better to them, ensuring that closing deal goes through smoothly.

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If you would like to know more about how we can help you plan your business trip, contact us via phone or email today.

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