Whether it’s carrying them up stairs, onto a tube or even from the boot of a taxi, the weight alone should be enough to encourage us all to be packing as little as possible when we travel.  However, we too often fall into the “I might need an extra pair of…” trap and end up with a huge case, full to the brim, with things that fail to see the light of day once we arrive at our destination.  Here are some top tips on packing everything you’ll need for a long-weekend (or even a week) away, from seasoned travellers:

  1. Tissue Paper is king! Seriously, if you want to pack tight, with little need to iron your clothes on arrival, fold everything with tissue paper inside it.  You will be astonished at the difference it makes, and how much smaller you can fold everything as a result.
  2. Put underwear inside your shoes. Simple but a great overlooked space.
  3. Wear your heaviest clothes on your flight; this way they take up no room at all!
  4. Choose a case that has side pockets, and use these for any toiletries as they have to be easily accessible for checking. This will also ensure you take only the amount you need for the trip, rather than large and heavy bottles etc.
  5. Take half the clothes you plan; you won’t need them. Remember, if you’re planning to purchase clothes on your holiday, they still have to fit in the bag for the flight home.
  6. Take clothes that work for more than one function (Sarongs are a great choice for beach or dinner in the right setting).
  7. Don’t take shower gels or shampoos; use the ones provided at your destination or purchase some on arrival. This saves weight in the bag and time at airport security too.
  8. Leave laptops at home. With new travel restrictions, leave your tablet or laptop behind and take a memory stick.  The weight you’ll save along with the time you’ll spend actually observing your surroundings will make it a good decision.

What have you learned about travelling light that you’d share with our readers?  We’d love to hear your tips and tricks for keeping it to hand-luggage.


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