Beware of internet scammers on third-party booking websites.

Using the Internet to book your vacation or hotel room to Thailand or the Philippines or for that matter any other destination has become the norm. In fact worldwide over $145 billion is spent on the internet each year just on travel.

Holiday ScamsBut travellers need to be aware of internet tricks by scammers determined to ruin
your trip to Thailand or the Far East.

Travel experts are warning Thai and Filipino vacationers about booking through unscrupulous third-party vendors who, when contacted, give every impression they are the actual hotel.

When their victims show up at the hotel to start their vacation the room isn’t what they were expecting and sometimes there is no room at all.

So who are these third-party vendors? The American Hotel and Lodging Association cites a number of websites to look out for. The third-party sites have professional sounding call
centres and when they answer the phone they sound just like the actual hotel themselves.

You think you are booking and paying for a superior room and when you get there you have been allocated a standard or single.

It is always recommended that when visiting Thailand, Philippines or the Far East you make sure that if you are booking online you are not dealing with a third-party vendor posing as the actual hotel, resort or even their website.

As a consumer, make sure you to do your homework and that you are dealing with the actual hotel or resort when booking and you are not dealing with a third-party vendor out to steal your money and ruin your vacation.

Or better still use the services of a travel professional to make your holiday arrangements, who more often than not, have access to exclusive deals and packages that could save you money and the back up of trade associations like the TTA to protect your money too..

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