Now that Dubai Airport’s Emirates & Qantas all-Airbus A380 concourse A is open, attention is turning to the major upgrade for the older Terminal 1, located at the airport.

Dubai Int Airport Terminal OneThe extensive revamp is expected to be completed by the end of next year 2014.

Once it’s finished, transit passengers can expect a brand new baggage system, more space in the departures hall, better signage, and a general facelift of the whole connections area.

If you’re staying in Dubai, you’ll emerge from the new baggage claim to reach an upgraded arrivals immigration hall, which the airport authority promises will “improve passenger flow and reduce processing times for arriving passengers”.

Dubai Terminal OneAfter immigration, you’ll find a “reconfigured and expanded arrivals hall” (fully air-conditioned) with new food options and shops.

And when it comes time to fly out, there will be a completely revamped set of check-in desks, “more efficient and streamlined baggage screening in the departures hall”, and “modernisation of all public areas”.

In the meantime, be sure to allow yourself extra time when transiting the terminal while it’s under construction.

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