The Gambia and its Cheating Boyfriends – Checkout your Bumster here.

As many of the ladies who visit the Gambia well know lots of Gambia’s unemployed good looking young men and beach boys have discovered that engaging with the female western tourists can be just as rewarding (if not more rewarding) than a real job.

sex holidays to GambiaIt’s not a coincidence that there’s a name for such persons: Bumster. Ladies, when you are approached by a Bumster be prepared for, sob stories, personal questions, self-proclaimed friendship and premature declarations of undying love, all with the sole purpose of winning your favour, heart or opening your wallet/purse.

Definition 0f Bumster ‘In The Gambia, a young man who solicits money or favours from tourists, sometimes in exchange for sex’.

In the Gambia it is easy to find a young good looking man, happy to spend time with you, but please be on the alert, although they may appear to be genuine their affection could be all a deception to win your heart and money. As an experienced private detective I have heard of some relationships between western women and young Gambian men that have worked out and resulted in long and happy marriages but these are few and far between.

Most western women Gambian men relationships end in disaster. You could be one of the lucky ones and meet one of the good guys; you never know your luck, but in my opinion it is always better safe than sorry and check the guy out as far as possible.

Whether the young Gambian man you have met on holiday is a professional womaniser or just a genuine local boy who has fallen for you and really loves you is, as they say, the ‘six million dollar question’. You could have found the love of your life on the beach in Gambia or, you could have met a heartless scam artist who is only interested in your money, passport or easy life.

Either way your future is likely to never be the same again. What might lay in store could either be a life of well deserved ‘Bliss’ with a man who loves and respects you, or a future of unhappiness, lies and deceit and never trusting anybody ever again.

Now there is an easy way to check if the Gambian man you have met is a ‘player’ or ‘bumster’ with women or girlfriends all over the world as well as you, or, is serious about your relationship and you and is being faithful and loyal. has hundreds if not thousands of female clients from over the world who travel to Gambia for their holidays and vacations. When they meet somebody and the relationship looks like it might be turning serious they register the person they have met with the site’s unique database.

Then, the site checks if he has been registered by anybody else. If there is a match and it looks like he is in more than one relationship at the same time we warn the people involved. As long as a person remains a client of the site the software will check the database every day to see if he is registered by anybody else.

The site is not foolproof but it gives some protection against scammers and liars. The site is run by professional investigators and is strictly confidential, nobody will ever find out they are being investigated or have been registered. The cost is less than a US$1 a day.

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