City Breaks to the beautiful city of Kosice

If you are bored with the humdrum of everyday life and are looking for somewhere different, exciting and just ripe for discovery, then we have some great news for you.

From September 17 2013 you will be able to fly from London Luton to the beautiful and historic city of Kosice (twice-weekly with low-cost carrier Wizz Air); this year’s European Capital of Culture and Slovakia’s second biggest city.

Holidays to KosiceWith some great fares on offer (with or without a suitcase allowance), Slovakia has never been more accessible. We can also offer some great accommodation-inclusive packages too (using our accommodation-specialist partner, Innstant Travel), so be sure to ask us for details.

Recommended as one of the top travel destinations for 2013 by CNN there is no better time to visit Kosice this hidden gem in Eastern Slovakia; known by some as the Jewel of the East.

With its rich history dating back to the Middle Ages and the pivotal role it has played as an Kosice City Breaks important trading crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe; Kosice is a city saturated in both history and the arts. In fact, the stunning Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Art Nouveau architecture on display all play a part in telling the story of this unique and beautiful city.

Charming and inspiring, Kosice has been home to some important cultural figures throughout history. Wax models of some of the regions celebrated figures can be found at Kosice’s Wax Museum, and include one of Slovakia’s most famous progenies, Andy Warhol. There are also plenty of other museums, art galleries, palaces, and theatres to visit.


With attractions and events on all year round from festivals celebrating everything from art, music, theatre, and even beer – to hosting sporting events; Kosice has something for everyone.

Must see things to do, include the beautiful St. Elizabeth Cathedral, the famous singing fountain that dances in time to music, the gold treasure in the East Slovak Museum, and the Botanical Gardens. In addition to the many shops, eateries, and museums for you to enjoy and explore, don’t forget to taste some of the famous beers and wines local to the region.

Come and soak up the atmosphere, take a stroll around the old town, chill in the many cafes and green spaces, or join in the lively party scene. Whatever you do, you are sure to be inspired by the little city that packs a big cultural punch.

Remember, just get there before the crowds; you won’t be disappointed.

Wizz Air Scheduled Service:         Luton LTN to Kosice KSC to Luton LTN (Effective September 17 2013)

W6 7674                               Luton to Kosice                 1235 – 1605

W6 7673                               Kosice to Luton                 1635 – 1815

For more information on short breaks to Kosice please contact the team at World of Transport Travel Twickenham’s premier independent travel agent.

Wottravel QuoteUseful Slovak phrases

Herewith a  collection of some useful phrases in Slovak.

Key to abbreviations: sg = singular (said to one person), pl = plural (said to more than one person), inf = informal, frm = formal.



slovenčina (Slovak)


Vitaj (sg/inf) Vitajte (pl/frm)


Ahoj (sg/inf) Ahojte (pl/frm)

How are you?

I’m fine, thanks. And you?

Ako sa máte? (frm)

Ďakujem, dobre. A Vy? (frm)

What’s your name?
My name is …

Ako sa voláte? (frm)

Volám sa …

Where are you from?
I’m from …

Odkialʼ ste? (frm)

Som z …

Pleased to meet you

Teší ma

Good morning

Dobré ráno (used until 8am)
Dobrý deň (used from 8am until dark)

Good afternoon

Dobré popoludnie (rarely used)

Good evening

Dobrý večer

Good night

Dobrú noc


Dovidenia (frm) Zbohom (frm) Čau (inf) Ahoj (inf)

Good luck

Veľa šťastia!

Cheers/Good health!

Na zdravie!

Have a nice day

Pekný deň! Pekný deň prajem!

Bon appetit

Dobrú chuť!

Bon voyage

Šťastnú cestu!

I understand


I don’t understand


Please speak more slowly

Hovorte prosím pomalšie

Please say that again

Môžete to zopakovať? (frm)

Please write it down

Napíšte mi to prosím

Do you speak English?

Vieš anglicky? (inf)
Hovoríte po anglicky? (frm)

Do you speak Slovak?

Yes, a little

Hovoríte po slovensky? (frm)

Áno, trochu

How do you say … in Slovak?

Ako sa po slovensky povie …?

Excuse me


How much is this?

Koľko to stojí?





Thank you



Niet za čo

Where’s the toilet?

Kde je záchod?
Kde je WC?



Call the police!

Zavolajte políciu!

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