How to Holiday in Portugal on the cheap!

Whilst Portugal has more than its fair share of luxury 5 star resorts like Quinta De Lago, Vale do Lobo and Pria del Rai to name but a few. However if you are on a more restricted budget Portugal is more than affordable with plenty of great destinations to choose from!

Of course there are plenty of towns like Albufeira which offer budget accommodation and more than enough nightlife for the young but there also a large selection of other resorts that offer a taste of the real Portugal that most Europeans never venture too.

Cheap Flights to Portugal

Portugal has three main airports Lisbon, Faro and Porto with most tourists to the country choosing to visit the popular Algarve region via Faro. It is also an easy drive from Seville in Spain especially for the South of Portugal and with no boarder restrictions its often worth considering as an alternative for cheap flights into Portugal especially during peak season.

Cheap Accommodation in Portugal

If you want to keep the cost of your holiday down then you should really look at avoiding the more popular tourist sports that most foreign visitors flock to and instead consider the more traditional resorts that are favored by the Portuguese themselves. You can find some great bargains and get to see and enjoy the real Portugal.

Cheap Holidays in PortugalFor our example we are going to look at the old fishing village of Nazare located on the Silver Coast of Portugal, just over an hours drive North of Lisbon.

Nazare has a great sandy beach stretching for about half a mile. Ok whilst the sea may not be as warm as the med its lively and patrolled by lifeguards. There are also plenty of quieter beaches nearby to choose from too.

During the peak season late July to early September the town really comes to live with many Portuguese people holidaying in the town and it can get quite busy in the local restaurants and bars but if you time it right this is not really a problem.

As for accommodation Nazare offers a range of options from comfortable 4 starHotels in Nazare hotels, boutique hotels to local room rentals from €25.00 per night always negotiable especially later on in the day! If you prefer self catering then there are also plenty of options too choose from quality villas and apartments to the more older traditional rustic houses in the town. If you’re not prepared to leave things to the last moment or when you arrive Wot Travel can help book many of the resorts hotels in advance and has access to some great rates too!

Nazare is famous for its surfing especially in the winter months when top surfers from around the world can be seen often breaking world records. In the calmer summer months there is plenty to do apart from the beaches, most sports are available and many fabulous historic sites to visit, more than enough to occupy every member of the family.

cheap holidays to PortugalThere are so many places in Portugal to discover and many offer much cheaper rates for accommodation and typical holiday expenses like food and entertainment than the more popular Portuguese holiday destinations. All of which will help you enjoy an affordable holiday in Portugal.

Cheap Holidays to Portugal

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