Thailand getting tough on Jet Ski Hire Scams

New Thai Prime Minister clamping down on rogue Jet-Ski operators in Pattaya and Phuket after years of negative publicity.

Jet -Ski Scams have been highlighted by us before. At last it seems like somebody has taken notice and has decided to take action against the gangs that extort money from tourists on beaches particularly popular resorts like Pattaya and Phuket.

Jet ski hire in ThailandPrime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha wants action taken on rogue jet ski operators by provincial authorities.

He urged them to deal with the problem at seaside resorts such as Pattaya and Phuket.

The Jet- Ski extortionists reportedly knowingly allow tourists to use unsafe Jet- Skis and when accidents occur they demand exaggerated “compensation” payouts for “damage” caused to the Jet- Ski and sometimes they have even assaulted people or even robbed them of their belongings.

Some of the main Jet Ski Hire scams identified in Thailand were as follows;

– It needs to be determined if a machine was damaged due to a crash occurring because of its poor condition or because the rider was at fault.

– Tourists generally lack experience riding Jet- Skis.

– Operators sometimes charge full price for the hiring even though tourists return the Jet- Ski before the deadline.

– Some operators claim existing Jet-Ski damage has been caused by a customer and demand exaggerated compensation.

– Some tourists have lost or had their belongings stolen after leaving them in the safe keeping of the operators.

This year there have been 54 complaints lodged against Jet Ski operators – 44 of which ended in early financial settlements while the rest ended in court with civil lawsuits. It was reported that most victims were from India, China and Oman.

Pattaya police now set guidelines relating to resolving claims including setting up a settlement room to help support fair negotiations, investigating suspect operators and requiring all Jet- Ski operators to be insured.

A police investigations team will also be set up to handle cases.

New zones for water sports to operate in the central, northern, and southern parts of the city’s beaches will be set up so Jet-Ski operators could regulate themselves. If any zone had a problem, the whole zone would be closed for up to a week.

Officials would register 500 jet skis to ensure good standards.

While the new regulations will undoubtedly help the situation in the short term FCOL warns that initiatives such as these have been tried before and failed. Our advice is not to get involved with the Jet- Ski operators. If you absolutely must hire one make sure you record the condition of the Jet- Ski before you take it out.

Don’t leave your belongings with the Jet- Ski operators and if there is a problem over the price or damage to the Jet- Ski report the matter to the Thai police and resolve the situation with their help and support.

Remember Jet- Ski operation is run by the Thai mafia…. it is organised and Jet- Ski operators back each other up. If you stand and argue on the beach you will not win!

Tip: Never ride a Jet- Ski under the influence of alcohol.

Dont be put off vacationing in Thailand this issue is really a minor one and being forewarned you should not find yourself a victim of this type of scam. Thailand is a fascinating holiday destination well worth a visit but as with so many destinations you need to pack your brain too!


Holidays to Barbados

My first Caribbean Holiday Experience Barbados

Flying into Barbados I was instantly struck by its beauty as our aircraft positioned to land at the islands airport, located in the south of the island close to Bridgetown the capital. It was my first time in the Caribbean and it was and will never be my last I was just blown away!

barbados holidays

Coming from the UK I was used to holidays in Europe and the Med and a couple of trips to the Canary Islands which where great but non really prepared me for my first real long haul trip. Im so glad I choose the Caribbean and Barbados though and I would really recommend it to anyone travelling to the Caribbean for the first time.

So why choose Barbados for a Vacation?

I suppose for a Brit I was still in a way travelling in my comfort zone Barbados is part of the Commonwealth and a destination so many people from the UK travel too and speak highly about, plus they speak English which is also an added benefit!

The island has so much more to offer of course every water-sport you could hope for but also top golf courses and tennis for the more energetic too and great shopping and sightseeing.

Where to stay in Barbados? 

We stayed on the the West of Barbados at the Tamarind which is a beautiful hotel I really could not fault it or its location and would recommend it to anyone. But I am also hoping one day to save up and return to the neighboring Sandy Lane which we popped in to have a nose and it was just out of this world!

Best Deals On Barbados VacationsBut saying that Barbados has accommodation for all budgets from cheap apartments to the every best 5* Hotels in the world, something for everyone from couples looking for romance and or a honeymoon to a family vacation all inclusive resort.

The West coast of Barbados is defiantly the most popular as the sea on the East is far more exposed to the Atlantic and the waves are therefor rougher, saying that this may well suit those looking for a more rugged Caribbean and or quieter experience.

Barbados is just great fab people and just Beautiful!

Did I enjoy Barbados?

Yes I loved every minute and would love to go back but I must say its given me an appetite to explore more of the area and really cant wait to start on my next Caribbean Adventure which I hope will be very soon.

Barbados will always hold a special place magnificent beaches and water sports and the people and food are so great too. Add in a splash of nightlife especially down in Bridgetown and for me its a holiday made in heaven catering for everyone singles, couples and or all the family what ever age!

How to find a Cheap Holiday to Barbados?

To find a great deal on a holiday to Barbados and the best times to visit this paradise island talk to Paul our resident expert on vacations to Barbados and worldwide!

barbados holiday quote



Dangers of falling for a Gambian Beach Boy

The Gambia and its Cheating Boyfriends – Checkout your Bumster here.

As many of the ladies who visit the Gambia well know lots of Gambia’s unemployed good looking young men and beach boys have discovered that engaging with the female western tourists can be just as rewarding (if not more rewarding) than a real job.

sex holidays to GambiaIt’s not a coincidence that there’s a name for such persons: Bumster. Ladies, when you are approached by a Bumster be prepared for, sob stories, personal questions, self-proclaimed friendship and premature declarations of undying love, all with the sole purpose of winning your favour, heart or opening your wallet/purse.

Definition 0f Bumster ‘In The Gambia, a young man who solicits money or favours from tourists, sometimes in exchange for sex’.

In the Gambia it is easy to find a young good looking man, happy to spend time with you, but please be on the alert, although they may appear to be genuine their affection could be all a deception to win your heart and money. As an experienced private detective I have heard of some relationships between western women and young Gambian men that have worked out and resulted in long and happy marriages but these are few and far between.

Most western women Gambian men relationships end in disaster. You could be one of the lucky ones and meet one of the good guys; you never know your luck, but in my opinion it is always better safe than sorry and check the guy out as far as possible.

Whether the young Gambian man you have met on holiday is a professional womaniser or just a genuine local boy who has fallen for you and really loves you is, as they say, the ‘six million dollar question’. You could have found the love of your life on the beach in Gambia or, you could have met a heartless scam artist who is only interested in your money, passport or easy life.

Either way your future is likely to never be the same again. What might lay in store could either be a life of well deserved ‘Bliss’ with a man who loves and respects you, or a future of unhappiness, lies and deceit and never trusting anybody ever again.

Now there is an easy way to check if the Gambian man you have met is a ‘player’ or ‘bumster’ with women or girlfriends all over the world as well as you, or, is serious about your relationship and you and is being faithful and loyal. has hundreds if not thousands of female clients from over the world who travel to Gambia for their holidays and vacations. When they meet somebody and the relationship looks like it might be turning serious they register the person they have met with the site’s unique database.

Then, the site checks if he has been registered by anybody else. If there is a match and it looks like he is in more than one relationship at the same time we warn the people involved. As long as a person remains a client of the site the software will check the database every day to see if he is registered by anybody else.

The site is not foolproof but it gives some protection against scammers and liars. The site is run by professional investigators and is strictly confidential, nobody will ever find out they are being investigated or have been registered. The cost is less than a US$1 a day.

Find out more at

Thai Travel Update June 5th

Thailand’s Tourism Ministry to propose curfew lifting in more vacation spots.

BANGKOK, 5 June 2014 (NNT) – The Ministry of Tourism and Sports is planning to request the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) to withdraw the curfew in eight additional places in order to ease public concerns and restore tourism.

Holidays to ThailandPermanent Secretary for Tourism and Sports Suwat Sitthilor disclosed a plan to ask the NCPO to consider deactivating the curfew in more areas next week after Phuket, Pattaya and Koh Samui were cleared of the restrictions recently. The additional areas consist of Krabi, Phang Nga, Trang,Hat Yai district of Songkhla, Koh Chang of Trat Cha-am district of Phetchaburi, Hua Hin district of Prachuap Khiri Khan and Chiang Mai.

The Tourism and Sports Ministry viewed that the eight places were some of the country’s most famous destinations where visitors were usually offered a vibrant nightlife. Furthermore, it was considered unlikely for political violence to take place in those areas.

Since the number of foreign tourists to Thailand during the first five months of this year posted a decline of 5-6 percent from last year, the ministry expects the number for the entire year to reach 26.5 million persons, rather than the previous projection of 28.02 million. The targeted revenue has also been lowered from 2.2 trillion baht to 1.8 trillion.

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Thailand Travel Update May 23rd

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all but essential travel to the provinces of Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat and Songkhla on the Thai-Malaysia border. On 10 April 2014 the Australian authorities indicated that extremists may be planning to target westerners in the southern border provinces.

Thai travel updateThe FCO advise against all travel to the Preah Vihear (Khaoi Pra Viharn in Thai) temple area and the Ta Krabey/Ta Moan temple area located on the Thai-Cambodian border due to the presence of troops in the area and the risk of outbreaks of fighting.

On 22 May the Chief of the Royal Thai Army announced that the military had taken control of government, would restore order and ensure political reform in Thailand. Martial law is in place and provides an enabling framework for the Royal Thai Army to take action it deems necessary to enforce law and order, and instructions can change rapidly. As a result there is increased military presence in Bangkok and neighbouring provinces. You should generally allow extra time for journeys, including to Bangkok airports.

A nationwide curfew has been announced 10pm to 5am. Authorities have advised that the curfew will not apply to those travelling to or from the airport, but departing or arriving travellers should have their passports and tickets. You should continue to monitor the media for information and any updates.

The Chief of the Royal Thai Army has assured the safety of all foreigners in Thailand. A number of media outlets have been taken off air and there is a risk that this could extend to the Internet. The military media channels are continuing to broadcast. As the situation is evolving you should monitor local news and social media for developments.

There is a risk of a violent reaction to the Army’s announcement. We recommend that you exercise extreme caution and remain alert to the situation. If you’re in any doubt about your safety, stay in your accommodation.

Political demonstrations continue in and around Bangkok and elsewhere in Thailand. There have been indiscriminate attacks involving weapons and explosives at protest sites and at protest marches causing casualties and deaths. Attacks have taken place during the daytime and at night.

Protest action has caused significant disruption to roads in affected areas, with knock-on effects across the city. The situation is unpredictable and further protests are expected.

The main anti-government protest site is at Ratchadamnoen Avenue with a smaller anti-government protest site at the government complex at Chaeng Watthana. The main pro-government protest site is at Utthayan Road in western Bangkok.

You should take extra care and avoid all protest sites, political gatherings, demonstrations and marches.

Tourist’s Friend Centres, which provide information for tourists, are located at the Sport Authority of Thailand in the Bangkapi district of Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports, four BTS Skytrain stations (Siam, Phya Thai, Ekkamai and Wong Wian Yai) and Hua Lampong MRT station. You can also contact the Tourist’s Friend Centre by telephone on +66 (0)2 314 1212 (in English – 24 hours).

There is a high threat from terrorism.

The majority of road traffic accidents in Thailand involve motorcycles, but accidents involving other vehicles including cars, coaches and mini-buses also occur.

By law you must carry your passport with you at all times. Tourists have been arrested because they were unable to produce their passport.

Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel and make sure you have included that you are traveling to Thailand.

Penalties for possession, distribution or manufacture of drugs are severe and can include the death penalty.

Over 800,000 British nationals visit Thailand every year. Most visits are trouble-free, but incidents of crime (sometimes violent) can affect visitors.