If you are visiting Casablanca, then it’s a great place to visit. However, if you are staying a while, here are a few ideas of places to visit at the weekend, where things are just the little bit more relaxing.

For lovers of a great escape, WOT Travel has selected three destinations, less than 100 km from the economic capital for your weekend plan!

1- Azemmour:
Located around 90 km from Casablanca, Azemmour or “the sleeping beauty” is one of the oldest cities of Morocco. You can discover its peaceful old medina, its magnificent beach at El Haouzia, where you will find the calm and tranquility you are looking for! It is a beautiful destination, especially for the romantics amongst us!

2- Mohammedia:
Located 27 km from Casablanca, Mohammedia is a widespread choice for a good day or a good weekend. It has several beautiful beaches and a beautiful, well-kept park called “Parc des Villes JumelĂ©es” for pleasant walks during the day or even in the evening.

Why not spend a fun-filled day at the VGK, a large beach club area with a swimming pool offering several activities (quad, go-karting, paintball …) for you and your children.

3- Benslimane:
Located some 55 km from Casablanca, the province of Benslimane has several tourist sites that are not quite as well known and that require facilities to boost the tourism potential of this province.

Its magnificent beaches, its forest where the space allows to practice various sports, the banks of the Oued N’fifikh, the gorges of Ain Dakhla and other tourist sites that you can discover for the first time !

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